Contribution to AntennaPod: March22

A podcast manager for Android

Hey folks,

This week I am working on an issue in AntennaPod. It’s a podcast manager which allows you to subscribe, download top podcasts available in the market.

The project is written in Java and XML.

For the issue, I am adding empty views to various pages. At first I thought the task will be easy but later I found its not that simple. Especially understanding fragments code was a challenge. For almost two days I was lost I had no idea how fragments work. Not only that fragments can be coded in many different ways which makes it more complex to understand as every developer has its own style of writing code. So, I had to do some digging about it.

Issue link

Later I was able to create empty views for some pages. But I wasn’t sure if
my code is according to their project coding standards. So I sent a pull request of my current work for review. Luckily, it passed all the test (hurray!)

Pull request

Then, one of contributor recommended to create only one empty view(xml) instead of recreating empty views for each page. But, he didn’t said anything about my java code (main code) so I believe it’s a good sign.

Now, I am finishing off remaining work and I believe I will submit my final PR to resolve the issue by next week.

Stay Tuned!


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