Update on Open Source Contribution: April 05

Hey there folks!

Last month I worked on an issue in AntennaPod. Check out my previous blog post to know more about it.

Project Link

Issue link

Pull Request link

Finally, after multiple commits my PR has been merged.

This Month

This week I worked on Microsoft Calculator.

If you are a Windows person you might have came across Microsoft Calculator.

This is how it used to look before
Now it’s the most powerful calculator application

The application is written in C++

The issue that I chose to work on:

Issue link

I found there were several controls (AppBar, OperatorTextBox and OperandTextBox) that were no longer used and were laying in the codebase for no reason. So my task was to remove those controls and its instances from the source code.

I have already submitted my PR, waiting for their review.

Pull request link

Although it was a code cleaning task, I was introduced to an ancient C++ code. I have to say its well written and maintained. Even the setting up the project was a piece of cake.

Overall, It was a great opportunity for me to work on a Microsoft project.

In upcoming weeks, I will be working and fixing more issue in Open Source projects and definitely will post a blog update about it.

Stay Tuned!


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