Update on Open Source Contribution: April 14

Hey there folks!

This week I worked on lots of projects and also continued working on Microsoft calculator. Check out my previous blog post to know more about it.

Project link

Issue link

Pull Request link

While testing we encountered internal server problem with the Azure pipelines. It was fixed by one of the code maintainers when he closed and re-opened the PR. And then, suddenly tests started working. I have never seen this kind of fix ever.

I have already finished my tasks. I am just waiting for them to get it merge with the main codebase.

Firefox Fenix

Firefox Fenix is a new browser for Android

Fenix is a Mozilla project. Soon, the default Mozilla Firefox browser will be archived and Fenix will take over it. I think it’s because fenix had lots of cool features. The main one is that Fenix can save state of your browsing. In programming world it’s like saving the state of collection of numerous tabs.

Its written in Kotlin.

Project link

In this project, I worked on two bugs.


The scroll was working fine in portrait mode but broken in landscape mode. To fix the problem I added Scroll view around Linear layout which simply fixed the problem and scroll was working fine in landscape mode.

Issue link

Pull Request link


Again the problem was related to landscape mode of the app. This time the search input text used to lost whenever user tried to switch his device from portrait mode to landscape mode or vice versa. So, to fix it I found a very common and effective solution to this problem. And, it solved the bug but unfortunately code maintainers didn’t liked my fix.

Issue link

Pull request link

Overall, I really liked working with fenix. I am still looking forward to fix more of its issues.

Mifos mobile

Mifos Mobile Banking App for clients

Its an Android Application built on top of the MifosX Self-Service platform for end-user customers to view/transact on the accounts and loans they hold. Data visible to customers will be a sub-set of what staff can see.

This is a native Android Application written in Java with POJO classes in Kotlin.

Project link

In this project, I worked on two bugs.


It was my first time working on this new project so I tried to chose a easy issue to fix and luckily I found a issue related to UI. All I had to do was to align the text(Account Number) in center.



Issue link

Pull request link


Now time was to do something that I have never done before. I found a issues in which they needed a confirmation dialog box whenever a user tries to change the password. So I used material dialog class to do it.

New changes

I always wondered how to implement those fancy dialog boxes and today I actually implemented it myself

Issue link

Pull request link

This week I found developers don’t give much importance to the landscape layout of android apps and due to which number of issues are filed related to the app orientation.

Overall, I feel proud to work on so many projects in just two weeks. Most importantly I got a good opportunity to work on Microsoft and Mozilla project.

I will be still looking out for some other exciting Open Source projects to work on so let me know in comments if you have any recommendations.

Stay Tuned!


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