Future Open Source Contribution Plan: March Edition

Hey there folks!

This week I will be working on an WordPress android application.

Personally, I have been using wordpress for a quite some time and I love it. It is just so clean and simple to use. Recently, I found that there is an android app for the WordPress which is an Open Source project(repo). These days I have been investing lot of time learning cool things in android development. Soon, I will be uploading my ongoing android projects on Github as Open Source.

For now, I am going to fix some existing bugs or maybe add some cool feature in WordPress app. In process, I will also try to find some undiscovered bugs.

I have already setup my workspace. Throughout the project, I really loved the variable/function naming convention. But, I have to become more familiar with the codebase and get down to work on bugs.

The issues that I am planning to work are as follows:

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

I will be still looking out for some other exciting Open Source projects to work on so let me know in comments if you have any recommendations.

Stay Tuned!


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