Open Source Contribution Summary: Feb Edition

As may have seen my older blog posts in which I posted stuff about my participation in Open Source projects whether it is fixing a small bug, improving UI, fixing typos in a document or implementing a cool feature.

If not, check out my previous posts to get more information about my work on Open Source projects in detail.

Blog post 1

Blog post 2

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Pull Requests

Pull Request 1

Pull Request 2

Pull Request 3

Pull Request 4

Pull Request 5

Github Account

Link to my Github

Lessons learned…

  • Earlier when I was finding a good first issue, my main concern was about fixing an issue, but later I got to know setting up the project on a personal desktop is the real pain. So, always check if the project dependencies are compatible with your machine prior to the installation process.
  • You need to know basic Git commands like push, pull.
  • Find issue easily by filtering search results using label. My favourite label ones are good first issue and bug
  • There so many ways to fix a problem and there might be times when code maintainers don’t like your fix so don’t feel bad instead learn from it.
  • Writing comments above your code is a good practice.
  • Don’t look around too much for a solution, its okay to ask for help from your fellow developers or Open Source community.
  • At the end of the day Stack overflow will be your best friend.
  • Don’t rush, take it easy and enjoy the process.

Some cool things…

  • My GitHub contribution activity table has started looking green now.
  • I was invited to join Code For Boston community on slack and worked with awesome developers.
  • I was added on MojiScript contributors list by the owner.


  • I am getting very comfortable with React and Android.
  • I learned to implement APIs in a web application and it will be very helpful in future projects.
  • While finding issues, I discovered several projects that uses machine learning and I am looking forward to work on it.

Overall, it was a great experience!

In upcoming weeks, I will be working and fixing more issue in Open Source projects and definitely will post a blog update about it.

Stay Tuned!


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