Update on Open Source Contribution: Feb14

Hey there folks!

This week I worked on The Teacher Fund unreleased website. This website is maintained by Joel Wasserman who also works at Google.

TeacherFund is a charity to support teachers in a way that encourages great teachers to stay, and potentially great teachers to choose to teach as a career path. This includes providing supplemental funds and supplies to school teachers in need.

The website is written in React using Next.js.

So this was a great opportunity for me to work with React and NextJS.

Since I am taking initial steps in contributing to the Open Source projects. I tried finding an issue which is easy to fix. It almost took me four hours to find an issue

Later, I asked for permission to work on the issue and soon, I got assigned to work on it.

The Issue

Setting up the project was easy. I just forked, cloned and did ‘npm install’.

Now the goal is to add a background image to the SignIn/SignUp page.

To add a background image to React, I did some research on google and found an easy way to do it by just adding a style attribute with backgroundImage to the div.

And all I added was just one line to the div element

<div className="main-container" style={{backgroundImage:`url(${"/static/images/abc_blackboard.jpg"})`, backgroundSize:'100% 80%', backgroundRepeat: 'no-repeat'}}>


Final Changes
My pull request

In the end, I submitted the pull request with my changes and it got merged.

Project Repo Link

Issue Link

Pull Request Link

In upcoming weeks, I will be working and fixing more issue in Open Source projects and definitely will post a blog update about it.

Stay Tuned!


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